High temperature and high pressure on-line sampling device|High temperature and high pressure on-line sampling device

High temperature and high pressure on-line sampling device|High temperature and high pressure on-line sampling device

high temperature and high pressure on-line sampling device





          technical personnel and the East China Normal University Professor returned for cooperation, micro reactor design and production, high temperature and high pressure sampling device, the device and the micro reactor is connected, to realize the sampling and analysis of reactor safety in high temperature and high pressure in the reaction process, fill the blank of domestic manufacturers in the reactor analysis autoclave on-line sampling, to replace the original reactor on pressure valve to many unsafe operation sampling.

Non gaseous on-line sampling device of high voltage

high temperature on-line sampling device relates to a high temperature and high pressure gas liquid solid three-phase reaction system, the sampler is composed of sampling base, like limit rod, gasket, metal ring, gasket, cover and switching device which is arranged in a base of sampling the sampling rod, and a groove is formed, gasket, were placed in the a metal ring, gasket, outside the gland, in front of the sampling rod within the L limit sample channel, the middle part is provided with a transverse cleaning hole at the two sides of the base wall is provided with inert purge and over sampling samples leads to take over, and the inert purge gas pipe is connected with the solvent tank, the imported sample leads to take over with the end of the sample collection chamber is connected to the connecting rod and the rear end of the switching device with sampling. To understand the high pressure reaction kettle on line sampling device, please call the product engineer, welcomed the purchase of micro reactor, customized high-pressure reaction kettle, hydrogenation reactor, laboratory reactor.

Rules and precautions for the use of micro reactor|Rules and precautions for the use of micro reactor

micro reactor using rules and precautions

operating pressure: high pressure reactor. The reactor pressure is a chemical reaction or by increased temperature, pressure fluctuations, sometimes unstable operation, sudden pressure rise several times may exceed the normal pressure, so most of the reactor pressure vessel belongs to. Operating temperature:
reactor operating temperature is higher, usually chemical reaction needs to be carried out at a certain temperature, so the reaction kettle is under pressure and bearing temperature. To obtain high temperature methods usually have the following:
must operate or avoid heating system with high pressure at high temperature with other heating medium of several technical requirements, available in other medium instead of water and steam.

Description of micro high-pressure reaction kettle with mechanical agitation|Description of micro high-pressure reaction kettle with mechanical agitation

EasyChem series reactor, a total of four small series, E series of six models, respectively, volume EasyChem reactor E10, E25, E50, E100, E250, corresponding to E500 are: 10ML, 25ML, 50ML, 100ML, 250ML, 500ML. EasyChem reactor set a number of patented technology in one, is one of the experimental instrument limited core products, but also the industry’s leading products. EasyChem reactor is suitable for a small amount of samples of the reaction, is the most expensive or low yield raw materials testing of the most ideal reactor.

EasyChem micro reactor adopting type soft magnetic coupling drive into the top of mechanical stirring patented technology, a breakthrough in bidirectional mixing, no bare rotating parts, safe and reliable, high speed stability, eliminate the low boiling point gas steam or flammable gas leak explosion accident and dangerous motor circuit. The tip of the one and only type A double seal design, patented technology, solve the traditional reactor leakage problem, to prevent the poisonous gas leak, causing damage to the scientific research personnel, innovative combination of convenience and high efficiency, high quality and energy saving and environmental protection technology, ushered in a new era of intelligent safety test of low carbon efficient, bring new the research way convenient for customers.



——————–EasyChem reactor, cast laboratory reactor mainstream influence!

is a famous autoclave manufacturer, is committed to providing the best and professional autoclave for chemical workers of the world, the products are widely used in the fields of petrochemical, chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical, polymerization, kinetics, catalysts etc.. Products in the design and development, manufacturing, installation, testing, factory inspection of each stage are strictly enforced international standards, to ensure that each reactor has the highest use and safety.

EasyChem  E series features:

Ø   type soft magnetic coupling drive into the top of the mechanical stirring —– patented technology, bidirectional mixing, no bare rotating parts, safe and reliable, high speed stability, eliminate the low boiling point gas steam or flammable gas leak explosion accident and dangerous

motor circuit&nbs>;


310S stainless steel use|310S stainless steel use

310S heat resistant steel is widely used in high temperature environment as an important material in aerospace and chemical industry. High temperature oxidation corrosion under high temperature is the most common and most important, so the new material with high temperature oxidation resistance of [1] has far-reaching significance for China’s aviation industry, chemical industry and national defense research and development. 310S austenitic stainless steel (0Cr25N I20) is a high chromium nickel austenitic stainless steel

The role of

nickel in stainless steel is to play out after the

1 nickel is an excellent corrosion resistant material, and it is also an important alloying element of alloy steel. Nickel in steel is austenite formation elements, but the low carbon nickel steel to obtain pure austenite and nickel content to achieve 24%; and only 27% of nickel to steel corrosion resistance in some medium significantly change. So the nickel can not alone constitute stainless steel. However, nickel and chromium exist simultaneously in stainless steel, nickel containing stainless steel but has many valuable properties.


above shows based on nickel as alloying element in stainless steel, is that it makes the high chrome organization changes, so that the stainless steel corrosion resistance and process performance obtained certain improvement.

2 Mn and N can be replaced by Ni

in Cr Ni stainless steel.The advantages of

chromium nickel austenitic steel although many, but in recent decades due to refractoloy and nickel below 20% heat resistant steel large development and application, and the chemical industry development needs more and more and the stainless steel, nickel deposits less and concentrated distribution in the minority area. Therefore, in the world there is a contradiction in the supply and demand of nickel. So in the field of stainless steel and many other alloys (such as forging steel, tool steel, heat resistant steel etc.), especially the lack of nickel resources, widely carried out section of nickel and nickel with other elements of the generation of scientific research and production practice, research in this area and use the more it is with manganese and nitrogen to replace nickel in stainless steel and heat resistant steel.

The effect of

3 Mn on austenite is similar to the nickel. But rather, the role of manganese is not formed austenite, but it reduced the critical quenching speed of steel, increasing the stability of austenite during cooling, inhibit decomposition of austenite, the high temperature formed austenite to maintain the normal temperature. In improving the corrosion resistance of the steel, the role of manganese is not big, such as the amount of manganese in steel from 0 to 10.4% changes, also does not make the steel in the air and acid corrosion resistance of the obvious change. This is because there is little effect to improve the electrode potential of Mn Fe based solid solution, the protective effect of the oxide film is very low, so the industry has to alloying austenitic manganese steel (such as 40Mn18Cr4,50Mn18Cr4WN, ZGMn13 steel), but they cannot be used as stainless steel. The role of manganese in the stable austenite of the steel is about 1/2 of the nickel, 2% of the nitrogen in the steel is also the role of stable austenite, and the extent of the role of greater than the nickel. For example, >

High pressure reaction kettle nine attention|High pressure reaction kettle nine attention

 high pressure reaction kettle  nine attention: 


1 high pressure reactor  to be in the designated place and in accordance with the instructions for installation and operation. 
2). Test pressure, check the selected works in the main container on the use of pressure and the maximum temperature, to use according to the allowable conditions of use. 
3) pressure gauge used in the best pressure indicating the use of 1/2. Always compare the pressure gauge with the standard gauge in order to correct it. 
4). The oxygen pressure gauge, to avoid the pressure mixed with other gases. 
5) safety valve and other safety devices, must be used after regular inspection of equipment in accordance with the requirements of the equipment. 
6). It must be noted that the temperature of the thermometer must be inserted in the reaction solution. 


7 high pressure reaction kettle  kettle body and liner and other parts should be kept clean. 
8), when the cover plate flange cover, the bolt is located on the diagonal, one by one to tighten the corresponding sequence. 
9). Measuring instrument rupture, most of it is broken at the front and back sides of the glass surface. Therefore, do not stand in the operation of these dangerous places. When there is a risk of danger, be sure to remove the old glass and put it on the new.