Many people doubt the manager at the hotel dinner will not escape carbon monoxide poisoning

Many people doubt the manager at the hotel dinner will not escape carbon monoxide poisoning

Many people doubt the manager dinner at the hotel: the carbon monoxide poisoning patients in the family will not escape treatment under the new culture of new culture news reporter Wang Yue photo (reporter Wang Yue) "we help people eat at the hotel, the more than and 10 people now appeared in a coma, vomiting, have been sent to Japan union hospital……" September 13th at around 7:30 in the evening, Mr. Changchun to reflect this situation. When everyone was eating and vomiting coma 13 at 7:53 in the evening, the reporter rushed to the hospital emergency room, a few patients are lying in bed oxygen, as well as patients waiting for treatment. "I heard it was carbon monoxide poisoning." A nurse said. Broke the news of Mr. Yu is also waiting for treatment, we are in Linhe Street 91 Tang traditional Chinese food restaurant dinner, a total of 31 people, the largest of the age of 59, the youngest of the age of 10." Mr. Yu said, probably from the dinner starts at 5:30 in the afternoon, "in a private room, two tables, dishes are my point, eat in the end, an accident……" Mr. Yu said, when the dinner crowd gradually people have discomfort, and even vomiting and coma. "According to my experience, the feeling is carbon monoxide poisoning……" Mr. Yu said he quickly dialed 110 alarm. "At that time, there are a few friends are more serious, we let the situation of a friend to drive a serious situation to the hospital to send people, and later there are a number of police arrived, the hotel also sent to send." Mr. Yu said, "we order there is a traditional boil pot, with the fire, and we are in a relatively closed room, so we will not appear the symptoms of poisoning." Mr. Yu said, "the room window is not open, but the ceiling on a total of four holes, three of which were on the tape." The restaurant manager: do not pretend and escape in the emergency room, the reporter saw the 91 Tang traditional China restaurant manager Mr. Ma, "now a pressing matter of the moment is to save people, specifically how the matter, the relevant departments are investigating." Ma said that when he was in the restaurant, that the situation, the first time the car will be sent to hospital for treatment. Ma, his restaurant opened more than two years, "the room vent attached transparent plastic customer mentioned one thing, I’m not sure, I have to check, the police are investigating, if it exists, we will not cheat or evade responsibility." Mr. Ma said, why not open the window inside the room is out of the store on customer security considerations. Restaurant on the 4 floor, the window is closed for fear of customers out of the parabolic, but also taking into account the safety of customers." Patients: breathing difficulties, headache in addition to the emergency room more serious patients, the reporter saw a few patients in the transfusion room lighter. "At that time, just feel dizzy, breathing more difficult, and then more and more serious, and so we find the problem, there are some friends are more serious." Mr. Zhou was sent to hospital for treatment. "My immunity is still relatively good, the meal more women, some low immunity friend, not in the room……" Week 7相关的主题文章:

Alpine grassland angtian lake, horsegalloping volcano in Chenzhou [eleven – special tourism Sohu happynewyear

Alpine grassland angtian lake, horsegalloping volcano in Chenzhou [eleven special tourism – Sohu had heard yangtianhu, before I came here, has been in the mind conjures up a mirror like Lake, the vast expanse of the picture. Just think there must be a boat floating in the sunset on the lake, recounting a long-awaited story…… however, angtian Lake scenic spot and the focus of the lake, rather than alpine steppe. Because a small lake water is nestled in the vast grassland, is so delicate, so concentrated. Seems to subvert the concept before coming. Yangtianhu, an extinct volcano in Quaternary glacial period from mouth, altitude 1350 meters, is depended on the Yangtze River and the Pearl River into a bright pearl line and Beijing Zhuhai Expressway cross intersection by the earth (the source of Beijiang) a tear. This is called "angtian Lake", because this is Wang grassland in Pinghu. Before the development of the local people here called "bird Lake", perhaps because of seasonal reasons, but I did not see the birds ~ angtian Lake prairie scenic area, located in the North Nanling Qitian ridge mountains department top central area, natural water area of 20 acres, but the eye can only see this piece of water… Eyeful is green and lush grasslands and horses in a continuous line. At this time, the green grassland, the magnificent, a shepherd girl dancing with the brain to make clouds… [WeChat]… About the author: lljing2010 WeChat public number: Bauhinia flowers travel: micro-blog QQ:764013520 __ Bauhinia this piece of alpine grassland is grassland lake, like a natural barrier to pasture surrounded by a green grassland, is a land of idyllic beauty; who is the collective creation of grass, spring and summer growth after a long brewed intoxicating green, but, every inch of grass seems to have been riding horses trod, looked small not satisfied, the horse owner’s pockets, heartbroken we went all the way to appreciate the original style of the grassland people. The fragrant flower and grass have been submerged in the feces of cattle!!! Mood as the days of haze dimmed ~ stand high on the hillside overlooking the surrounding, see eyeful green, see the mountains, clouds, angtian lake also seems to quietly listen to your voice. More to go above, the more open field of vision, the mood is misty. In fact, the southern prairie little scale less, such as angtian lake. Compared with the grasslands of the north, there is a unique southern gentle and delicate. In summer, green grass, or bestie, or a couple, or family, or team, riding in the broad earth element gallop相关的主题文章:

Unwilling to ordinary six entry trot recommended sql2005安装图解

Unwilling to ordinary six entry Guide: Shanghai Phoenix car trot recommended to have a sports car is a lot of men dream since childhood, compared to reach Rafah, P1, 918, entry-level relatively more realistic trot. Rich in material life today, often some people who know how to live "second car" not to pursue its practicality, "cars" has become a part of life. Just after a day at work on their trot, open the hood to embrace the cool breeze, how petty and pleasant thing. If you are young, energetic, playful! Xiao Bian here for several entry-level trot you recommend, I believe there must be suitable for your money. Six entry trot model guidance price (million) recommended maximum discount (million) car inquiry 4S shop Audi TT details 54.28-61.78 14.64 inquiry ample car 400-068-1313 turn 2301 BMW Z4 details 58.30-90.90 27.27 inquiry vehicle sufficient 40089339-1-1 Mercedes Benz SLK details 66.30-89.80 26.90 Porsche Boxster 74.70-106.50 vehicle sufficient inquiry details 20 inquiry vehicle sufficient 400-068-1313 to 2315 Lexus RC details 48.80-58.60 no preferential inquiry vehicle sufficient details 39.98-74.40 2 Mustang Ford inquiry ample car 400-076-6675 to 5293 tabs: Phoenix car the emotion promotion time: 2016.08.31-2016.9.09 2015 Audi TT Coupe 45 TFSI Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix area editor learned from the Shanghai area Audi dealers, the Audi TT shop car on sale , the color is optional, the car is currently the highest discount 146 thousand and 400, interested friends can go to the store to buy advice. See details below: TT latest price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2015 Coupe 45 TFSI 54.28 41.40 inquiry 12.88 cars are plentiful 2015 Coupe 45 TFSI 56.98 Quattro 43.45 inquiry 13.53 cars are plentiful 2015 Roadster 45 TFSI 59.08 45.06 inquiry 14.02 cars are plentiful 2015 Roadster 45 TFSI Quattro 61.78 47.14 14.64 cars are plentiful more preferential inquiry please contact the dealer free Tel: 400-068-1313 tab: Phoenix car market in August 2, 23012016 2015 Audi TT Coupe)相关的主题文章:

Henan school bus collided with a truck injured more than 2 drivers were controlled 2828创业网

Henan bus collided with a truck and injuring 2 drivers were controlled by original title: Henan Suixian school bus collided with a truck 13 injured both drivers were controlled in new network Shangqiu on 22 September, (Liu Peng) reporter has just learned from the Henan Suixian County propaganda department, school bus and truck happened this morning in the local crash, at present has caused 13 people were injured. Both drivers have been controlled by the police. According to the briefing, September 22nd at 8:53 in the morning, in Suixian Taishan road and road intersection with the revitalization of a traffic accident, a bus (license number: Henan N48962) traveling from east to west, and a minivan (license number: Henan N3J133) from north to South Road, collided, killing 13 people injured, including 2 people injured. Suixian county Party Committee Propaganda Department is the chief of the Department of Liu introduced, currently seriously injured two people are being rescued. Both drivers have been controlled by the police. It is reported that after the accident, Suixian county government attaches great importance to the relevant leaders and departments rushed to the scene and launched the emergency plan, the establishment of medical treatment, accident investigation, on-site maintenance work group, to carry out the work immediately. Currently, the cause of the accident is under investigation, the wounded are being treated. (end) editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章:

Beijing Forest Public Security Bureau, former political commissar Xu Haifeng bribery 1 million 160 t pp点点通2006

Beijing Forest Public Security Bureau, former political commissar Xu Haifeng bribery 1 million 160 thousand jailed for 5 years, the original title: Beijing Forest Public Security Bureau, political commissar of the original bribery 1 million 160 thousand jailed for 5 years, Legal Evening News (reporter Hong Xue) as a former political commissar of the forest public security Bureau of Beijing city Xu Haifeng, in order to help the green sky landscape justice representative Jiang engineering contract, has the original Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau deputy director Shimou, former Secretary of Beijing City Landscaping Bureau of Miyun Wang, the former head of Huairou District of Beijing City Landscaping Bureau Lee introduced to Jiang, so in 7 years has received 9 Jiang giving money totaling 1 million 160 thousand yuan. Legal Evening News reporter was informed that the Haidian court of first instance to accept bribes, sentenced Xu Haifeng to five years in prison, a fine of $200 thousand. It is reported that a certain history was also sentenced for taking bribes, Jiang was sentenced for bribery. The accused garden bureau leaders to help enterprises embrace engineering 52 year old Xu Haifeng in 1994 to 2000 served as director of the Ming Dynasty Tombs in Beijing city forest, 2002 transferred to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Forestry Forest Public Security Bureau, March 2006, political commissar of the Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau of Forest Public Security bureau. On suspicion of bribery, was arrested in February 13, 2015. The court found that from January 2009 to November 2014, Xu Haifeng served as political commissar of the Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau of Forest Public Security Bureau, because the working relationship with the former deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of landscape history, a former director of Beijing City Landscaping Bureau of Miyun Wang, the former head of Huairou District of Beijing City Landscaping Bureau of Lee et al to establish contact and after using the facilities, accept the legal representative of the blue sky green landscaping company Jiang of the trust, through job behavior Shimou, Wang, Lee and others, to provide help for the blue sky and green landscaping company contracting gold Tian country park project, the Beijing Chengde key green channel engineering, Huairou Xincheng Forest Park project landscape engineering projects, and has received Jiang gave 1 million 40 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan, a total of RMB 1 million 160 thousand Yu yuan. January 8, 2015, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection investigators will bring Xu Haifeng to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and on the same day to take two measures, in the same year in February 13th, Xu Haifeng was arrested prosecutors. After the incident, Xu Haifeng in the family to pay back the money, 1 million 160 thousand yuan. The bag of cash 200 thousand special purchases for the Spring Festival confession Xu Haifeng said he was transferred to the Beijing Ming Dynasty Tombs forest as manager in 1994, and Jiang is on the lower level, after leaving Jiang established green sky landscaping company, do greening project. Before the Spring Festival in 2009, Jiang to the home and pay New Year’s call with Jiang after special purchases for the Spring Festival, he found the bag special purchases for the Spring Festival there are 200 thousand yuan in cash, his wife let him take the money back, but Xu Haifeng just day to Jiang called a few pleasantries, after the 200 thousand yuan to buy the stock. 2011 the day before the Spring Festival, he went to a company to eat Jiang, Jiang gave him a bag, which contained 200 thousand yuan in cash, then he will be used to buy stocks and funds. Since 2012, after the Spring Festival around the year of 2013, and in the year of the winter of the year of 2014相关的主题文章:

Wuhan East District 9· 9 large jewellery theft case cracked ca1835

Wuhan East District "9· 9" large jewellery theft case cracked black plastic bag, two men wearing dug two holes wearing masks dressed as "Panda" appearance, gold and silver jewelry store door open at night, will store the value of 3 million yuan jewelry looted. East Lake New Technology Development Zone, the police traced, will be the last suspect arrested yesterday. This month 9, Wuhan East New District, a gold and silver jewelry store owner Mr. Xu reported that his home was stolen jewelry store. Scene investigation police found the safe storage of gold and silver jewelry shop was forced open, more than 300 of the value stored inside the jewellery was looted, the host computer storage store surveillance video was suspect taken away, the scene left a cigarette butts. Special class police to shop for the center, one by one to see the surrounding more than 120 video monitoring found that day at 2 points ~4 points, 2 covered face, dressed as a panda like people in the shop nearby. By Mopai, a man surnamed Feng in the investigators sight. Feng Mouceng for the theft of "three Palace", recently he suddenly made a fortune, not only before the toxic gambling debts, smoking is very high. Secretly tracking the police found that he went to the Jianghan District Flower Street, a jewelry shop and people trading. The police received stolen goods zhuangmou secret control, recovered 150 thousand yuan worth of stolen gold and silver jewelry. Zhuang confessed that these are sold to him pingmou. After pingmou arrested, the police quickly learned the whereabouts of their accomplices hwang. At noon yesterday, Hwang was arrested. After the trial, the 44 year old pingmou release and cellmate Huang together from prison. Some time ago, pingmou accidentally saw Mr. Xu’s shop at unattended, jewellery are placed in the store, and then a yellow morning masked burglary. At present, the police are to recover stolen goods. (reporter Ke aesthetic correspondent Li Yusheng)相关的主题文章: