Inventory how to properly train children’s financial awareness and ability

Inventory how to properly train children’s financial awareness and ability

Inventory: how to properly train the child’s financial awareness and ability [Abstract] Buffett, the famous master of investment, at the age of 4, began to make the first business life. At the age of 4, Buffett bought a batch from his grandfather’s grocery store, the famous investment guru, who was 4 years old when he started his first business at the age of. 4 years old, Buffett bought a batch of chewing gum from Grandpa’s grocery store, wholesale price of 3 cents a pack, a time to buy a pack of 20. In the evening, near his home from door to door sales, selling for 5 cents a pack. Each sell a small package, Buffett on the net profit of 2 cents. In 2008, Buffett joined the Mars Inc bought when he was 4 years old to sell chewing gum manufacturer Arrow chewing gum company, the total purchase price is $23 billion. 6 to 12 years old is the prime time financial concept of children training, to cultivate children’s financial concepts from this period, but also cultivate children a good life habit, let the child have a correct concept of money. So how to guide children to learn financial management, how to cultivate children’s financial concept? A, let the child know money not easily won the correct consumption concept, cultivate children tell children sources of money to hard work, let the children learn to self-reliance, help children recognize the value of labor. With their own hands to create wealth. Let the children understand the income and expenditure of the family, told him to make a reasonable plan for their future. Let the children through their own efforts to buy what they want, he will be more careful than three goods, get rid of the bad habit of impulse shopping. Can let the children set up a "book", after a period of time, let the children count, if you spend unreasonable, parents can let their children adjust. Two, to allow children to learn the right to spend money, change the spending habits of children by changing the habit of parents to spend money, you can also change the child’s spending habits. In addition, can also let the children take the form of a day when parents, so that they will learn more about how to run the family, how the money is flowing, family expenses will be complex, active thinking before spending, can also exercise the child grew up to buy, how to buy good and cheap goods, guide the children to rational consumption the development of the consumption plan. At the same time encourage children to account, develop good financial habits. Three, to help children learn to accumulate, train their children to save when the child wants to buy his favorite a long time a person valuables, parents can tell him that the pocket money to buy. Let the children experience the fun, can also Many a little make a mickle. "to let children experience the" selective consumption meaning. Now the children have their own money, to tell him the right way to deal with the money, you can let the children manage their own money, with the money to do a small investment. Four, with the child into the bank, investment enlightenment, moderate accumulation of money experience to tell the child to put money in the bank can do, let the children have a preliminary understanding of the bank. You can also talk about the role of a variety of educational savings or insurance, training through investment, so that money begets money consciousness. To teach children some financial skills, small 12 orders etc.. When the child reaches a certain age, let the children come into contact with some investment.相关的主题文章:

International gold prices plunged domestic gold investors escape door – Fujian Channel – Peop footman

The international price of gold plummeted   domestic gold investors "no escape" – Fujian Channel – original title: the international price of gold plummeted domestic gold investors "no escape" did not affect the international price of gold fell eleven during the capital of the gold shop of hot market, food sales exceeded two hundred million, an increase of 20% over the National Day golden week. China market is closed, and the international gold market is bloody. Fed rate hike is expected to heat up as well as the global central bank easing policy may shift and other negative factors, the price of gold unprecedented pressure reproduction plummeted. As of the end of October 7th weekend, the international spot gold prices approaching $1260 ounce mark, the lowest was hit $1241 ounce. In the last day before the National Day holiday in September 30th, the international price of gold closed at $1316 ounce, which means that the price of gold in the seven day holiday fell nearly 5%. But in the face of the international price of gold plummeted, the majority of domestic investors because most of these investors are at a loss what to do, the gold trade through the Shanghai gold exchange, from October 1st to October 9th of the 9 days of the Shanghai gold exchange is closed to trading, investors can only describe the "watch out the price of gold fell away". Gold analyst recommended to improve the gold exchange closed city Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that, in fact, this is the first time in the case of the emergence of soaring gold prices during the holiday season in China is not the first time. Spring Festival this year, the international price of gold in China during the long holiday period continued to rise by 7.05%, only one day in February 11th rose by 3.5%, and Chinese investors hit a time difference". Faced with this situation, has pointed out that gold investors, like China this seven day holiday is very rare in the world, and the gold exchange not only in accordance with the statutory holidays, and they continue to break off the weekend, often one is ten days, the investment and the international gold is very unfavorable. It is understood that, although the domestic stock market is also so arranged, but after all, China’s stock market is a relatively closed system, not much with foreign countries, while the gold market is completely synchronized with foreign. In April this year, Shanghai gold pricing contract officially listed for trading, which means that after the international gold market is no longer the only "London gold" and "New York gold", global gold pricing and the "Shanghai gold", hoping for more right to speak. In this regard, many investors recommend the domestic gold exchange should improve the system of hugh. Sometimes a long time off is not conducive to enhancing China’s gold market impact on the global gold market." There are gold analysts said. Beijing during the national day gold sales of this round of the international price of gold plummeted Chinese coincides with the National Day golden week, this period is the Chinese gold sales peak. BYD reporters yesterday from a number of gold shop in Beijing learned that the price of gold fell and did not affect the shop during the national day gold selling goods. During the festival the Caibai sales exceeded two hundred million, an increase of 20%. Sun gold general manager Yu Guiying introduced, although the price of gold is higher than the same period last year each)相关的主题文章:

The Transformers 3 is a Nazi flag photo studio attracted controversy – Entertainment Sohu

The "Transformers 3" is a Nazi flag photo studio attracted controversy – Sohu entertainment "Transformers 5" shooting time according to Mtime Sohu entertainment news network reported on September 25th, after King Arthur and Merlin, "Transformers 5: The Last Knight" will appear and have no relevance to this series have no relevance elements — the Nazis, World War II, Churchill and Hitler! The recent exposure of film studio photos not only shocked fans, also brought some controversy. The film crew in the studio photos shocked fans of prime minister Churchill’s Blenheim Palace plug on the two huge Nazi flags, seems to be the British Nazi headquarters, and is also near the studio during World War II and the vehicle in a Nazi uniform swarm. The scene looks like Britain was occupied by the Nazis, or a member of the Nazi camp. This is also a lot of people are dissatisfied, a former British commander in Afghanistan told the "sun": "I know this is just a movie, but it is not respect for Churchill symbolically." According to the studio controversy in spite of this, many fans are curious about the "Transformers 5" how can the Autobots, Decepticons, King Arthur, the Nazi series, Michael Berlusconi’s brain hole? Exactly what? The film’s official details have not yet been published, so the story about some remains unknown and the assumption of state. However, there is a version of the story has not been confirmed online, perhaps to provide some ideas for fans. Outline mentioned, Optimus Prime will find his planet Cybertron, a dying planet, in this process, he found that he died from the parent star has not shirk the responsibility. He found a way to revive the planet, but before that, he needed to find a work of art. This work of art is still on the earth, but somehow connected with the magic of Merlin, the king of Arthur. Merlin’s power was given by Transformers, and he was thus connected to the work of art. If the story is true, the Nazis may also have some connection with the work of art. Prior to joining Anthony Hopki? The role has been uncertain, the film studio photos after exposure, there was speculation that Hopki’s is likely to be Churchill.相关的主题文章:

Tianjin overseas Fair opened in 48 countries and regions participating in the new chamber of Commerc borderland

Tianjin overseas Fair opened in 48 countries and regions participating in chamber of Commerce zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Tianjin on 26 August, (Li Mingyang) jointly organized by the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government Affairs Office of the State Council, the eighth session of Chinese? Tianjin overseas Chinese entrepreneurship development fair 26 in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition center. "Overseas fair" to "innovation, deepen cooperation and sharing development" as the theme, organized by the opportunity policy promotion, project communication and docking, the chamber of commerce exhibition and negotiate fieldwork and other activities, deepen exchanges and cooperation, especially overseas Chinese overseas high-level talents and professional talents and Tianjin, focusing on the introduction of innovative talents and project to build a new platform for Sheqiao economic and trade cooperation, expand economic and trade exchanges with overseas chamber of Commerce in Tianjin, Tianjin boost participation in "The Belt and Road construction. Tianjin Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Wang Hongjiang, vice mayor Zhao Haishan met with the guests. Wang Hongjiang expressed his gratitude to the majority of overseas Chinese for their concern, support and participation in the development and construction of Tianjin. He said: the current five major strategic superposition of Tianjin, before the opportunity has not. Welcome more overseas Chinese to invest in business in Tianjin, contribute to the wisdom and strength of the development and construction of Tianjin". After the meeting, Wang Hongjiang and the guests visited together the world of chamber of Commerce Trade Fair venue, Zhao seamount attended the ninth session of the International Youth Fellowship tide annual meeting and delivered a speech. During the meeting, will be held in the ninth session of the International Association of youth and youth tide, tide summit, Tianjin Youth Youth creation passenger forum, cooperation docking conference and other activities. Nearly 20 countries and regions of the 800 industry and commerce, science and technology and cultural sector participants, involved in the field of specialty food, education consulting, cutting-edge technology products, handicrafts, Wenchuang tasting etc.. (end)相关的主题文章:

Play the game with a stick knocked dizzy deposit splurge mother pretended to be robbed mcncc

Play the game with a stick knocked dizzy mother waste deposit pretend Longgang Buji robbed a man addicted to online games, 4000 yuan a month time squandered its mother’s bank card, for fear of the mother found, which actually used sticks to knock halo, homing absurd farce of robbery, did not think the police will soon expose the scam in accordance with the law, the administrative detention. 19:30 on August 28th Xu, Longgang Public Security Bureau police station received water Wu police said: in the vicinity of Longgang District Buji Street garden was stopped by 3 men, with a stick and knocked away after the 4000 yuan in cash. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene of visits to the investigation, and organized patrols to search around. When the police asked the case to Wu, Wu found the head was injured for a bump, which is also called three men with a beer bottle wounded. Wu was feeling very calm, but for the case described before and after a police suspicious mind. And Wu has repeatedly comforted at the side of the mother, said he had nothing to do, so that the police can register on it, do not bother the police investigation. According to Wu’s abnormal performance, the police immediately and obtain what it called the scene surrounding the video, and carefully check, ruled out the existence of robbery alarm, according to the alleged false alarm Wu summoned to the police station for further investigation. Wu confessed that he did report a false alarm. Ironically, false alarm reason was his last year playing "Fantasy Westward Journey" online games, in order to upgrade as soon as possible to buy equipment, last month to spend 4000 yuan out of his mother’s Bank card. Because he has no source of income, for fear of being found by his mother, he fabricated a robbery of 4000 yuan false alarm. At present, Wu alarm because of lies, has been sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days.相关的主题文章:

Nintendo released version of the Mini White machine 390 yuan listing in November 10th

Nintendo version of the mini NES release: 390 yuan in November 10th to the United States listed the Nintendo front released a mini version of the NES — NES Classic. Now, this game is also officially launched for the Japanese market, the name has become a Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer. A mini version of the FC appearance design continues the 1983 red and white machine, and included the game works and the American version is different. Nintendo launched version of the Mini White machine according to the Japanese version of the mini FC which stored 30 game works, including "super Mario" series, "Ninja Gaiden", "Kung Fu", "Zelda", "blood" and other series of classic games, no wonder users in Japan to see the game after screaming "at last I found my childhood". Japanese version of the game with the U.S. version of the different plans, mini version of the FC game will be listed in Japan in November 10th this year, priced at 5980 yen (about 390 yuan). (source: fast technology editor: Okami) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: